31 Jul 2007

Blogging what i like!

Now that i don't have to worry about time constraints, i can blog what and when i like!!!
Well it was more of the 'when' that was getting to me and not being able to keep up with what everyone else was doingcry
I have just listened to my first 'Mo' show and i loved it! Mo just has that natural ability to chat and it felt like he was born to do it!
I will update you before his next show and give it plug.

More from me Tomorrow!


  1. Yay! Yay! And again - yay!

    Not that I'm happy about this or anything mind you!

  2. Hot Damn! Claire's back! And just think of how tired you're gonna be from trying to get all caught up now! I doubt that aspect will even phase you though, young whipper-snapper that you are! Glad you're finally back in business from the home front though.