20 Jul 2007

Out with the Orange and in with the?

SKY! The dad has decided on sky as our new provider, only because he has also decided to get HD sports and movie package as well. This costs a fortune!but who cares just as long as i have have an Internet connection.
The HD package with sky plus and all sorts arrives on Wednesday but the Internet doesn't arrive for anything up to 15 days! But at least there is a connection in sight.


  1. Bet you're counting the days!!! We all are!!! Reckon you need a ticker countdown for this :o)

  2. Let's hope that it's way less than 15 days-maybe they just told you that so they could look really good when they come in 6 days.

    (Crossing my fingers!!!)

  3. Yeah, they'll usually tell you longer than it actually takes so you won't be pissed if it doesn't arrive on time.

    Here's hopin' for a sky high connection soon. :)

  4. About time too, can't wait to be guaranteed my daily Claire fix x