2 Jul 2007

Rain, rain and guess what? More Rain!

It is absolutely pissing down in good old England at the moment! For about two weeks now the weather has been awful, not cold just wet! Even worse it has really hit all the places me and buddies like to go hiking.
What are the other phrases I use to describe rain, well pissing it down is my favourite although it is not lady like at all! (I am a Lady!)
I also use throwing it down, absolutely bucketing down and the classic its bloody raining.
How about you, what is your favourite expression for extreme rain?
Here is the lovely view from my bedroom.


  1. send me some of that pissing rain will you, you little banger you? we need rain so bad here! your back yard (?) looks nice claire, want me to go there and sit with you on a bench?

    smiles, bee

  2. When the children were's raining cats and dogs. When they grew's pissing down. Now I've's peeing down..(think I use this on my blog too)
    Looking out your bedroom window I think it's doing all three!!!!

  3. Peeing down in front of the grandkids, pissing down in front of MWM. It was coming down in 'stairods' yesterday!

  4. People say It's raining cats and dogs, but I dont' really like that.

    I usually say something like, "It's a monsoon out there!"

    Or, it's just pouring.

  5. "like pouring piss out of a boot".

    Although I don't know why you'd piss in a boot, or even pour it out. :)

  6. It has been raining here also for over two weeks. More like tropical rain it absolutely pours down.

    I don't think I say anything just "it's raining AGAIN"

  7. Nice sweet and interesting rumblings. Keep it up!! I will come back to visit. Also famed you just minutes ago.