12 Jul 2007

Thanks for Visiting! (orange is still shit)

Thanks for visiting and pushing me over the 15,000 mark! Not that the numbers actually matter(well except for advertising purposes).
I forgot my disc with all my pre written stuff and pictures! So i have booked myself another internet window here at sisters tomorrow as well!

What to expect?
  • Mouse Hunt: Its all a bit Green Mile you know.
  • Beaver night.
  • The garden.
  • Latest Ewan and Connor pics.
I cant remember what else i had written, i know it was over a 1000 words, yes i was sad and pressed word count.

Internet Status: Guess what? yep you guessed correctly ORANGE IS SHIT(i want to be x-rated like comedy plus said) and dad hasn't cancelled them yet.


  1. Sorry you're still having problems with the internet but glad to see you today. Hope everything else is going better than your internet connection.

  2. Claire is X-rated. I do understand about shitty ISP though. Your dad needs to switch over now. Want all of us to stage a protest at your dads house? We would for you. Have a great day. :)

  3. Claire's trials and tribulations continue... so sad... but Claire, are you holding anything back here? Don't be shy! Say what you think!

  4. yeah claire you little clutter, tell us what you really think of orange! and tell your pop i said so too! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  5. Tell your Dad there's a posse on it's way and he'll get a whipping if he doesnt do as we ask!
    btw did you get puked on?

  6. Until dad gets the hint, we'll take you anyway we can get you! Time for some sappiness here, but it just makes me appreciate and miss you even more!!!

  7. For whatever reason the Read More button isn't working...or maybe it's just me.

    Hang in there with your internet.

  8. Hope you find Mr. Jingles and defeat the shitty ISP

  9. *sigh*

    Can't wait 'till tomorrow...I'll be back!