3 Aug 2007

Anime Genius!

I have had the pleasure of discovering a very talented gal called Amanda, through being friends with her lovely mum Linda from Are We There Yet?? I didn't really discover her talent i was just very impressed with it! I have always had a passion for doodling and drawing cartoons but i am blown away by her talent. I suggested to Linda that these would really look good on T-shirts and mugs, would Amanda consider that? By golly she did and she now has her own shop! An online one that one can access through the button on this post. The heart animation is just one of the fantastic creations she has put on various merchandise from mugs, mouse mats to t-shirts.
If you would like to put the button on your blog just let me know! I will be keeping a close eye on this talented lady!


  1. You are just the sweetest thing! Haggis and all!

    Jamie from Duward's has told me all about haggis and it doesn't really sound bad at all, though she did say it would blow one's diet out of the water but that you wouldn't care if it did! You'll have to smuggle some over when you come to visit!

    Thanks again for not only promoting Amanda's shop but for giving us the idea to try it to begin with!

  2. Oooh, I like those, I just had a nosey...

  3. You have to send me that button, Amanda needs heaps of promotion with all that talent x x x x