11 Aug 2007

Back from hiking on Tegs Nose

Hello, i am back from hiking and i have very burnt arms! so i sprayed myself with after sun and rubbed in loads of butter body balm. Isn't that a nice picture for yourazz
I don't want to have peeling, flaky arms in Italy (6 days to go!).

Not sure what i am going to do now? eat probably. I will finish the final slide show from last weeks hike and post today's from Tegs Nose.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend?


  1. teg's nose? won't she mind honey? you cute little snacker...

    smiles, bee

  2. You must be so fit!...I mean fit in the old sense of the word...though I'm sure you're fit in the modern sense too!

  3. Don't wear yourself out before your Italian jaunt.

  4. Ermm Fit? oh no!

    It was only a short one, so i dont feel too bad today!