10 Aug 2007

Back from shopping

I have returned from a quite successful shopping trip.
I was waiting to get all my holiday clothes from Primark, as it is cheap but still fashionable. I am not sure if they have Primark anywhere else? but in the UK they are springing up all over the show. I went to the Manchester one by train as my mate Mandy was without her car for today. That turned out well because we got to have a Pimms after we finished, only one though because we very tired, its hard work going shopping for clothes.

Just taking some photos of the clothes i bought :)

Well photos are in the slideshow above, what do you think?
I made a stupid mistake, the first two tops were a wee bit tight so i exchanged them for a bigger size but when i got them home, they are a size smaller! the buggers :(
So now i have to go shopping again! I needed to do some more shopping anyway to get something swim wear ish, shoes and a jacket.
I am going to Italy on Friday so i better get my arse into gear!


  1. what is a pimms claire? is that another brit thingy? like sex or something? you cute little backer!

    smiles, bee

  2. I'll join you in a Pimms!....don't forget to buy batteries for your camera! :o)