30 Aug 2007


An artist that i have really gotten into listening too, Amy Winehouse has been having some problems lately, mainly drugs and press attention.I don't know if she is known in the US yet? but i really like her latest album.
My favourite track of hers is Rehab and when i looked at the paid ops for today there was one for drug rehab and it made me think about her. Did she write the song because she ought to be in rehab? or did she write it to warn people to keep their noses out of her business?
Anyway i hope she stops getting wasted and cancelling gigs because i really want to go and see her.


  1. Yep, she made news here.
    Ironic, eh? She makes it big with "rehab" then has to go to rehab.
    No, no, no.

  2. no no no no no no no no YES!

    Do you like her music?

  3. She's quite big here...the Rolling Stone blog has a field day with her...her and Britney at any rate. Initially I didn't like her that much, but she's grown on me.

  4. I don't think I'd ever heard of her until a couple of months ago and now, she's all I hear of! Guess she and boyfriend had a smackdown in a hotel? Everyone seems to really like her voice. Sad...

  5. I really like her music a lot, but NOT Rehab. In fact, that's the only song I don't like...

  6. I love her you think it's a publicity stunt that she went to rehab?