22 Aug 2007

Gaping Gill

This is where i am getting winched down into on Friday!For more information on this rather large cave click here.


  1. Wow... that cave looks like great fun!

    Have a good time and bring back some good shots for us!

  2. Gaping myself at thought of that. I'd probably be ok as long as I didn't have to take the winch off and had plenty of strong men up top for emergencies. Bet it'll be an incredible experience.

  3. Rather you than me, I'm not fond of caves myself...

  4. That's an incredible looking photo. Not sure I could go there. Spiders and small places EWWWWW, issues. Haha.

    Drop on over and see my WW :o)

  5. ArF, baRK... Can dawgs go do that? Bark! Come see my Woofless Wednesday post *pant, pant*

  6. You sure are one busy little girl! From Italy to caves, huh? Wow! The description of this, for those who have the bravado to do things like go into deep, dark, dank, scary places -like caves, etc., -it does sound like it would be a fascinating experience, for sure. Being afraid of heights for openers, spiders too, I don't think it's something I'd be up to the challenge there. But hope you have a great time doing this, take lots of pictures and someday, write a book so you can read your life's adventures then to your kids and grandkids someday.

  7. Not too sure about this one. I went into a huge cave in Missouri which was lit. We came to one section and they turned off the lights - pitch black. Didn't like it at all. My deaf sister-in-law freaked because she depends so much on sight!
    We had to duck under bats which was weird, too.
    I'd give it a go, I suppose. With reservations...