7 Aug 2007

Hike 11: Three Shire Heads to the Roaches part 1

Well the weather was blazing and i slapped on the factor 50 (yes i am very very pale).After following a diverted root we eventually found our start point which was conveniently outside a pub :) But alas it wasn't open yet.

This Hike turned out to be a little bit more complicated than it appeared to be, so i will split it into 3 lovely slideshows!
It was meant to be this one The Walk but something went wrong.
Part 1 will end before we get to the Lud's Church.

Cool Slideshows!


  1. It all looks very nice -- was that ruin really someone's house once? When?

  2. I think it was probably a food store for the sheep and cows. Although it did have a chimney breast.

  3. Fabulous slideshow. I'd love to go on some walks like that....I mean least you got lost in good weather :o) Do you have one person designated as map reader who has to shoulder the blame?

  4. It all looks so lovely, I can see why you enjoy your hikes so much!

    Looking forward to the next two parts!

  5. I'll leave the hiking to you, (though I'm getting around pretty good now), I'll just join you via the slide shows - which are great!