12 Aug 2007

Hike 11: Three Shire Heads to the Roaches part 3

Well if you checked out Part 1 and part 2(if not why not god damn you!) you might of gathered that it was a really nice part of the world. But we went horribly wrong because at 5pm we still hadn't got half way round the supposed route, check it here The Walk. Which i really don't understand as it was a 14 mile hike and we had previously done a 17 mile one with no problems (Sandstone Trail).
It could of been a combination of the diversions to the Luds church, hanging rock, the heat, number of rest breaks and sheer tiredness! After we had made the second diversion to see the hanging rock and we realised the time, the map came out again. When i realised we had only come half way, around 7 miles, i was gutted! Also Cath who was with us doesn't come out much and she was wrecked. So i volunteered to stay with her, while the other two went on and got the car! So this was a great walk but a Failure! Me and Aly are going to back when its cooler and see if we can do it properly.

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  1. Ward's Knob and now Nipple Hill....who names these plaves? :o)

  2. BTW plaves is an old English word for places...either that or I hit the wrong's all this talk or nipples and knobs..makes an old girl like me have a touch of the vapours :o)

  3. I have been to many plaves Ruth, normally after a pint or three :)

    Obviously a man named these places!

    I made up Nipple Hill, well Chris who i was hiking with did :)

    Thanks Akelamalu :)

  4. There is a place near where I live which literally translates to Mother's Tit (I didn't make that up)!

  5. Clair I thought your looked just cream crackered!