1 Aug 2007

More words from wordless

Thanks for checking out my first Wordless Wednesday (scroll down to see it) posted from my house in a long while. I normally use Wordless Wednesday as a teaser from the latest photos from my hiking. Quite a few folks commented on the ominous feel to photo due to the looming clouds. The person in the photo is Aly my hiking buddy and if you note the photo above (the crop shot). Well that was taken as i hid from her, but she failed to notice! But at least i got a good shot out of it! Although it looked like it was about to heave it down (rain a lot), it in fact was the best weekend of weather for a long time!
The weather has been absolutely crap since then so not been out on any Hikes for a while. But if you want to see more of England click here Hikes. Hopefully will be out again this weekend and will finally beat the 100 mile barrier for this year.


  1. Boy, am I confused -or has my sight totally deteriorated? I don't see any ominous clouds, nor do I see any people in this photo - just looks like a field of grain growing to me. Am I missing something?

  2. Yup Jen you are . . .. lol. Claire you've been back a day & you're confusing people already . .lol

  3. Thanks for clearing up all our questions about your WW post. Have a grand day and again...congratulations on being back in cyberspace. You were missed. :)

  4. Thanks for your notes about my goofy looking duck! So we're trying to bump the poor things off, are we? What harm can a duck do except make duck do...
    Let them live, I say!