16 Aug 2007

Passion Killer

Well it may of been foolish to take Connor with me, but i didn't want go on my own so i dragged the poor soul along. You can see how much he enjoyed himself! That photo was took with my new phone which has a rather good camera.
It was a successful mission, i returned the two tops i bought a size or more too small and got their larger cousins, which fit me and look nice (i bloody hope anyway). I also got a pair of flip flops, black flat shoes, white and black pumps, stripy jumper, tankini, another bra, bag and i think that is it! I still have to get some things tomo, yes the day before i go.
When i got home i decided the hair needed a boost before my trip, i have to look my best, well try too. The hair dyes i pick always have some rather unique names, this time it is Red Passion.

Read more to see evidence of RED PASSION

Ha! now wouldn't that quash any passion! Whilst dying my hair (and ears), i also decided to puton a face mask. How much do you love my shower cap?


  1. Well, I see Claire's new avatar pic!

    Even with red ears, and that cute shower cap (snicker) -- you are a classic beauty!

  2. my word, you and connor scared the holy crap out of me red! yikes honey! you little banger...

    smiles, bee

  3. Heh! Two beauties...well one and a half


  4. Ermmmm....I see a definite influence of Manga here...interesting photo. Great use of light, colour and texture. You've captured the "scared deer in headlights" look perfectly too. What a great photographer you are and you must have suffered greatly to produce this work of art.

  5. Oh Ruth! Too funny!!!
    All I could think of was, what beautiful eyes you have. Good grief! The better to see you with...

  6. You're one step farther than I am-my roots (and gray hairs) are horrid!

    I have an excuse though-I ran out of hot water (for real) and so I'm waiting until I go to the beach to use the shower at that house instead!! Taking a bath in hair dye doesn't sound great to me!

    You're so pretty.

  7. I thought perhaps he had that look on his face because he got a look at you when you were taking that picture!

    You do have gorgeous eyes, though - no doubt about that!