6 Aug 2007

Save the cows!

As Ruth Me, My Life, My Garden posted about this, it made me realise i should do the same!
Latest News on the Foot and Mouth scare.

What is Foot and Mouth? Click here to find out Foot and Mouth
It really hit the UK hard in 2001 and if it takes a hold again it will affect a lot of peoples lives!

It will affect me personally in two ways. The first reason is if i am out hiking i might see a lot of these signs and that means no more photos of the lovely cows at the top of this page, i took that yesterday.

The second reason is much more unsavoury thought! In the last outbreak where did the livestock go to be incinerated? Answer Widnes where i bloody live! In this article it highlights some of the problems it caused for my town in the last outbreak Killing Time. Can you imagine the smell that came from thousands of cows being incinerated? try not too.


  1. My sister had a similar problem in Scotland. Fingers and udders crossed that all will be well.

  2. I was in your part of the world just days before the last outbreak. It was very sad to think that all the animals we had seen in the lovely pastoral beauty there had had to be destroyed.

  3. Hope most of the cows are safe :-( Especially the Darcy herds ;-)

  4. My fingers are crossed not my udders though :)

    Yes Vic it would be awful to see it happen on that scale again.

    The Darcy Herds are a protected species :)

  5. That would be bad luck to have it happen again.