5 Sept 2007

A blog round up!

Well since the time of Internet Hell(it still makes me shudder, click the words for a reminder) and my recent trips, i have been playing catch up like mad!
I have lost the ability to pre write things now that i have all the other distractions that the internet has to offer, but using google reader has enabled me to keep an eye on all my favourite bloggers ( even though i have been crap at commenting).

So what have i been doing in blog world?

1. First there was the exhaustive write up of my trip to Italy, i don't normally do long posts so this was a new thing for me. Click here for all things Italy if you haven't already Italy (hey why haven't you?).
2. Then there was the cave! view the video by scrolling down or clicking here In the Cave and read about it here About the Cave.
3. I have also been trying to fit in my paid posts, i know this isn't the most interesting thing in the world. But i try to make the posts interesting and/or funny so i am not a complete sell out. I was wondering if i should do a break down on how much i have made so far? Just to show which companies have worked the best for me and therefore help out you? Let me know if you think that would help you?
4. I have moved into Blog Catalog and met some very interesting folks, will do a special post about that soon. Also about the campaign they are doing.
5. Catching up with the Memes that i like to do, some folks don't like memes but for me they are good source of traffic and draw in visitors that might not come to your site otherwise.
6. In the real world i have started volunteering at an allotment, getting ready to go back to college and there is my mums upcoming operations.

There you go!


  1. red, reading blogs on reader and not commenting is LURKING!!! got it? good! ha ha ha ha ha

    you little lurker...

    smiles, bee

  2. You certainly have been you have more hours in your day than I do??? By all means share the secrets of your financial success...I'm lucky if I get around to doing one a week so no chance of me making a mint.

  3. Busy, busy, busy - you do know it's a cardinal sin to lurk (according to you) don't you? ;)

  4. Gotta agree here with all of the above posters! Stop lurking and start talking!