17 Sept 2007

Counselling Diploma Starts tonight!

I was very hesitant about saying that i had got on the counselling diploma until i was 100% definite that i was on it. 'Modest Mary' i am not, i really thought i had bollocks it up and wouldn't get on it, i know i am on the diploma but i could of worked a lot harder and may still have to resit an exam but not till next year.
If you click the button above or 'counselling' in my label cloud, you will see all my previous counselling posts. They are based around my progress on the course so far and my homework assignments.
I am now at the diploma stage of the course which means i have two years left to study on a part time basis, for me that's two nights a week plus whatever volunteer hours i do. I will put up some more information on the course after i get back.

Its nearly time for me to get ready for college so i will be back later with my head bursting with new information, sounds painful doesn't it.


  1. Hope it went well. We were told to make a study plan timetable to keep us on track. I think I need a Blogging timetable instead!