16 Sept 2007

Gone Camping!

Well Children i have bogged off again! or as Comedy (Sandee) would say Gone Boating (camping in my case).
This time i am camping in the Lake District, in a place called Buttermere. We are setting up camp on Friday and climbing the Haystacks on Saturday. Feel free to pray for me that i have good weather and i can actually put the tent up, i am not religious but it can't hurt.

I will be back sometime Sunday ready with lots of photo's! I hope you all have a great weekend and try not to miss me too much.

Here is a camping joke for you because i know how much you will miss me :

These 3 men went out for a camp high up on
the mountains. When it was night they all
huddled up in a small tent right next to
each other. They were freezing and hugged
each other to keep warm then they eventually
fell asleep. When they woke up in the morning
a man sleeping on the right side said "I
had a dream that someone was holding my penis"
The man on the left said "I had a dream that
someone was holding my penis too!" Then the
man between them said "I had a dream that I
was skiing!"

Don't forget to check out the posts below! I went a bit crazy writing stuff to entertain you while i am away. Yes some of them have paid links in but they are not just paid posts, i may be a bit cheeky with the links but they are genuine posts :)

See you when i get back :)
PS. I hope i don't forget to bring some berndes cookware with me!

OH! nearly forgot please keep an eye out to see if you are visitor 20'000! Don't forget there is a prize and review to be won!


  1. Great joke; do you reckon those guys were a little "camp" :o)...have a fun time!Rx

  2. But but but....who's going to poke me when you're gone???? :-(

    I want a picture of that 'berndes cookware' you're taking with you... HAHAHA

  3. Odd, I dreamed about skiing last night!


    Ok, not really! ;) Have a great time!!!

  4. Hope you have fun. I hope to be having fun too...but right now I'm sitting in the airport 'cause I'm so stupid that I missed my flight out this morning. *sniff*

    I hope you have fun.

  5. I am sure you'll have a spectacular weekend and will come back with tons of pictures for next week! Just watch out for any "skiing" accidents!

  6. skiing red? ha ha ha, you little swisher...

    smiles, bee

  7. You're always away gallavanting miss!

    Have a great weekend, fingers crossed that the weather's good.

    Where do we check to see if we're visitor 20,000?

  8. Guess who's not the 20,000th visitor? Me!

    I also have a joke about camping. It involves a starry night, a stolen tent, Sherlock Holmes, and a doctor.

    Have fun.

  9. I love the joke. :)

    Have fun camping.

  10. Have a wonderful time under the tent or under the stars

  11. Wow! 20k visists is amazing. I just hit 7000 and I was pretty happy about that.

  12. I can't believe I left the lake District the day you arrived! What does that tell ya? . . .lol (joking hun!). We've just had fab weather so i hope it continues for you too x x

  13. Well, my desire to ski has just been kicked to the curb