30 Sept 2007

Green Thumb Sunday 4

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Weekends just seem to get more and more hectic lately, this weekend i am housesitting and have popped home to see how the mother is and publish this post. The Mother and the internet are still not right, hopefully things will be better tomorrow.
Hopefully as the mother is out of hospital, i will be back at the allotment soon and actually getting my thumbs slightly green.
In the meantime enjoy another view from one of my hikes.

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  1. Sorry to hear your Mum is not 'right' yet Claire, hope she is 100% before too long.

    Great picture by the way.

  2. Hi Claire, Sounds like things arn't to good at the moment.Get down to Big Jims (or what ever it is called ) for a jiggle.

    Your hikes look familiar, particually this one,where are they?

    Cheers Mark

  3. I'm sorry your mom still isn't doing well...hopefully she improves.

  4. what a great photo, hoping mum is better.

  5. Another well-wish for your mum!

    BTW Clair, I like the little note to the feed readers at the bottom of each post. If you can see me, what color underwear am I wearing? (I retired, so I get to blog in my underwear!)

  6. Hope you find your mother is better, You have some beautiful pictures

  7. Best wishes for your mom's improvement. That hiking vista is glorious. Thank you for the view.

  8. What they said:

    Amazing picture. Hope your mom feels better.

  9. Dang...I'm so sorry about your mum!
    Best wishes and lots of prayers.
    Your hike photos are great.

  10. Big flower smelling wishes you your Mum from us and we hope your internet connection picks up claire, must be soooo frustrating.

    We get it in Dubai too but blame the camels!


    GO! Smell the flowers...

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your mom.
    The picture was beautiful.
    It must have been a great hike.

  12. stunning photo......your rough road will get better

  13. Hope your mum gets better soon. It's amazing how big the hills and mountains really are. Another amazing photograph. sara from farmingfriends