26 Sept 2007

Hike: The return to Baslow Edge

Saturdays hike took us back to Baslow Edge, first hiked back in January this year, it seems as if we have had no nice weather in between then and now!


There was a gradual ascent of 650 feet up to Baslow Edge, i am sure it is meant to feel easier than it was but there still wasn't much talking as we trudge up the gravel path.
We took a slight detour to see the monument (photo at the centre of the above mosaic) ,it is Wellington's Monument, the monument is dedicated to the Duke of Wellington in celebration of his victory at Waterloo in 1815. After a quick coffee and fag break, for those who still smoke (Chris and Cath!), we then plod onto to the edge.
The walk was pretty easy going after the initial ascent and i was climbing all over the place to get some good shots, even perching on precarious rock formations much to Cath's horror.
We advanced along Baslow Edge, Curbar Edge and then Froggatt Edge, then down into the village of Froggatt.
To get to the village of Froggatt there was a plod along the main road, much to the annoyance of the crazy drivers hurtling towards us. I think my hat distracted them. Once we reached the village we crossed a lovely bridge and then walked along the River Derwent back to the car.
I am told we did around 8.5 miles, but will have to start paying more attention to this.

ps.In regards to the sheep skull i posted for Wordless Wednesday, i am afraid i have no idea why it was there, but will try to find out!

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  1. How far do you have to drive to go on these hikes generally? I know you take weekends sometimes for special hikes, but what about the other ones?

    Just curious. I think you're lucky to have so many beautiful places to hike around you.

  2. About an hour and a half normally, Wales, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and the Lakes are all not to far away :)

  3. The Lakes are a little bit longer, thats were i camped the other weekend.

  4. Nice blog. Congratulation. I see you in BlogCatalog and Flickr.

    Mario Antonio Herrero Machado
    Córdoba, Argentina

  5. These are some great photos miss claire

  6. Wow! What beautiful country!!! Hiking around here requires firearms to be on the lookout for Mojave Rattlesnakes and other nasty snakes that require antivenom. I just love the desert (not!).