25 Sept 2007

Mental patient escapes.......

The mother is on her way home and will swiftly be put back into her cupboard. This means i have to do some housework! Buggers!

Update: It has arrived! She is looking very well and promises to let me photograph the lovely scar, which i know you will enjoy.

So a joke in her honour:
Counting In The Hole!
A man is strolling past a lunatic asylum when he hears a loud chanting. "Thirteen! Thirteen! Thirteen!" goes the noise form within the mental hospital's wards. The man's curiosity gets the better of him and he searches for a hole in the security fence. It's not long before he finds a small crack, so he leans forward and peers in. Instantly, someone jabs him in the eye. As he reels back in agony, the chanting continues: "Fourteen! Fourteen! Fourteen!"



  1. Glad to hear your Mum's home much will you have to pay her for the photo? Clever joke...LOL
    Must say I liked that quote on your last post .....wonder if I can sneak it into my college work!

  2. Careful, would not want you to be knackered.....

  3. Glad your mother is back home.

    Love the joke. :)

  4. Haha, I thought you were serious about the mental patient escaping.

  5. I'm so glad she's home! :)
    Take care of her.

    seventeen, seventeen, seventeen. ;)

  6. So glad to hear that mum is home and feeling better!

    eighteen eighteen eighteen!

  7. You got me to read all the way to the end of the joke. I guess that makes me nineteen.

  8. twenty, twenty, twenty!

    Glad you liked the joke guys :)

    I was serious about the mental patient escaping!lol!

    Thanks for the well wishes :)