12 Sept 2007

The Mo Show! Rambles

Listen to The Mo Show tonight! The topic tonight is 'Mo Rambling'.
Mo is rambling tonight, he doesn't normally ramble he is normally very witty :)

For those that haven't listened to a blog talk radio show before, you just follow the links (press the button) and once you find the page just click listen if you are listening live at 12pm my time (7pm Eastern time), if not have a listen to the old shows in the archives.
Just have your speakers turned on and the show will play in whatever media player you have on your system, nothing needs to set up.
If you fancy calling in and happen to have a microphone handy, i got one free with my webcam, you can 'click to talk' but this only works if you are viewing the show with Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6.x or higher. If you don't have a microphone you can call in with this number: Dial In Number (646) 716-7100.

Here is a Direct Link To Show!, I know you are dying to hear Mo and few other familiar bloggers.


  1. Thanks Claire! I should hire you as my public relations expert!

  2. We'll have to make him laugh on IM tonight, Claire!! :)

  3. Hmm, I gotta check this out.