8 Sept 2007

Show me the MONEY!

WARNING WARNING! This post is about making money on your blog, for those that are not interested scroll on by (love ya).

In my recent blog round up i asked if you would like to know how much money i had made and where from. Not many said they did but i am telling you anyway because i thought it might help make you some pocket money! (if you want that is). It will be a brief summary of what companies i have used so far and how much money i have made with each.

1. Google adsense: Try not to laugh to much at this figure $13.45. Some people have the ability to make crazy amounts with their adsense but i don't want it plastered all over the place and i haven't figured out how to 'place' them in the right places. I have tried to put the appropriate content on them too, by putting in keywords. Check it out here Google Adsense.

2. Text Link Ads has earned me $15.80, I have sold 1 out of 4 spaces on my page so from that i earn $6 a month. Monetize Your Site.
This just means i have to post a link in my sidebar, if you sell all 4, that means 4 links in your sidebar. The one i have sold is the one that says 'best online universities' as they try to match what your blog is about.

3. Pay Per Post. $400 spread over a lot of posts. It would of been a lot more if i hadn't had the blasted internet loss for 2 months. I have bursts of getting stuff that i have found easy to write and other times i have really struggled with the topics on offer.

4. Auction ads, This is a bit like adsense, i suppose, showing what is being auctioned on ebay at the moment. Earned erm nothing so far, so i have changed the code to display Counselling and Hiking stuff with pictures, which should appeal to my audience a bit more. Try AuctionAds and you will get $25 straight away in your account. They gave me $25 because i hadn't earned anything yet, so hopefully with the new improved ads this might make a difference.

5. has earned me $159.90 for 14 reviews. Sponsored review has been quite fun with a wide range of things that you can bid to post about, i have even done a couple of $40 adverts for them

6. Blogvertise. I have started off slow with this one as i have only now figured out how to get more opportunities from them, so earning so far are $64, with a text link thing that will earn $5 a month for as long as the advertiser wants to pay it. Click to Blogsvertise.

7. Smorty has earned me $18 so far and there have not been many opportunities yet, but i have only just started with these chaps. There is an affiliate thing that you can join with this company, but i dont know much about this yet!

8. Bloggerwave has earned me $30 so far and they have not had any new opportunities for a while.

9. PAYU2BLOG has so far earned me $105 with another $60 ready to be claimed.

Get Paid Money to Blog

10. LoudLaunch has made me $10 and they haven't had many posts for me at all.

So that is a total of $841.15 so far! I cant say for sure how many months it took to earn this as i had problems with the internet before the two months of no paid posts.

Some of the links that i have posted by each company are my referral links that may make me money if you choose to have a look or sign up.

Any Questions?


  1. so far i have only done ppp but i am over 800 bucks since the middle of june and lots of days i don't take any at all.

    smiles, bee

  2. Fascinating. As you know I've started doing Smorty, Bloggerwave, Blogvertise, and Sponsored Reviews. PayU2Blog is in the wings, I'm approved and just waiting on opportunities from them. I've been approved for Pay Per Post for a long time now but I think I find them to be the most confusing, though I guess I could probably make the most money with them. I may have to hit you up for some instructions with them! As I have with the others!

    On the one hand, I don't want to overload my blog with ads but on the other hand, I really, really need the extra $$ so I'm hoping that people will understand and just skip over the ads if they don't want to read them. It's what I do!

  3. Stop tempting me!! ;-)

    Been battling with myself if I should try paid posts because it is very clear that small blogs can earn much more from that than regular ads.

    Still not gone to the "bad side", but as Linda said: I need the monies!
    Or maybe I could work more in real life? ;p

  4. very cool....i'm already signed up with some of these, but i'll check out some of the others.

    nice post. thanks!


  5. Some interesting ideas will follow them up, if you want to know a bit more about how to boast your adsense with regards to placement. Do a search on you tube for adsense there is this guy's seminar spread across 20 clips very good.

    Smart Tips for Living

  6. Good job!

    I'm doing quite well with those services also.

    If you'd like to learn more about great ways to monetize your blog, is a great place to learn about many of the best marketplaces.

  7. good job! congratulations.. you are a proof that its possible to really earn online!:)

  8. Thanks for presenting the cold, hard facts there, Claire! The more I read of your paid posts, see Linda's now too (as well as Skittles), the more I think I really should look into this. Enough of the writing everything for free!! Show me the beef, I could use some extra money too!

  9. Which one do you find the easiest, best, most money making opportunities, etc?

    PPP is what I do, but it's hard to get the opps there since I can't blog from work now. I was thinking of PayU2Blog? What do you think?!

  10. Nice work Claire!

    Any tips for getting jobs from Sponsored reviews? Most of my bids just get ignored & I've yet to do a job for them :-(

    PPP is the best, but it's starting to be that you need a high traffic/ranked blog to get the best from them.

  11. Thanks for all your positive comments on this post!

    If anyone wants to know more please feel free to email me :)

  12. Nice post well put together. I think pay per post will really be a great way to make income while keeping the integrity of the blog and it's content. After Blog world posiecon is going to change the way we monetize our blogs.

    Thank For your wonderful post.
    cheers John

  13. Yes , I have started earning through my blog. My earnings are improving.

    Dinesh Gharat.

  14. Thanks for sharing. LOL! I have not made a penny yet. Hope to make some soon. Still learning to generate traffic at this point.