9 Aug 2007

More British sayings again

What the heck am I talking about?
Yes its back the wonderful 'what the heck am I talking about!' Try and translate it from British Slang to American or whatever!
Have a go at answering then I will post the answers later on.
Update: answers there now....

1. That girl is all fur coat and no knickers. A woman, all superficial in appearance and no real substance beneath.
2. Will you bloody pick up the dog and bone. Will you pick up the phone.
3. I shouldn't of shown my thru'penny bits. I shouldn't of flashed my tits (boobs).
4. What a big Khyber! Khyber Pass = Asss, So it means What a big Ass.
5. I am off for a Tom. Tom Tit = Shit, So it means I am off for a shit (crap).
6. Been on a Dirty Weekend lately? A weekend of sex usually away from home.
7. Your just all mouth and no trousers. Boastful and without just reason.
8. Its all to cock! Its all messed up.
9. Are you mutt and jeff? Are you deaf?
10. Don't go apeshit! Don't go mad!
11. Keep One's pecker up. To remain cheerful, to not let the situation get one down.
12. Kinnell! A shortened version of Fucking Hell!
13. Taters. Potatos.



  1. I don't pretend to know what this means, but it conjures up an interesting mental picture:

    1. That girl is all fur coat and no knickers.

  2. Hehehe I'm still getting the hang of Brit slang. Wasnb't until recently I found out what wanker meant! ;) Happy TT!

  3. *giggling*, what a fun list! I use the expression "go apeshit" but I wonder if it means the same thing in British slang as it does in American East Tennessee slang. :)

    Happy TT to you!

  4. huh? honey what language are you speaking? i know. i speak american and you speak brit and two shall not meet? you little wokker!

    smiles, bee

  5. What the bloody hell? I haven't a clue. Keep one's pecker up? That's kind of personal isn't it? Have a great TT. :)

  6. I know when you post the answers, I'll know more of these than I can think of at the moment. I'm too stressed to think too terribly straight right now...

  7. Sorry, but I have no idea who this is!! Please enlighten us all!!...

    Our list is up as well if you want to stop by and have a look...

  8. Hehehehe a friend of mine who lives in York has a cockatoo that picked up the word "wanker" ... naughty bird .. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  9. As a Brit, albeit an expat, I have an unfair advantage, since I know most of these. But.... Off for a Tom? I can think of three separate slang meanings for Tom, as in "The Tom who was wearing a lot of tom, felt a bit tom." But none of them fits your sentence. Ok, now I'm off for a Ruby.

  10. Apparently I don't know any British slang, because I have no idea what any of these mean. A few of them bring up some ideas though. LOL

  11. Enlighten me, oh wise one!

    Happy TT!

  12. Oh this is going to be a fun one trying to translate.

    Umm is #5 go to the pub to get a drink?

  13. Where I am, these are all new to me.
    My T13 is up too.

  14. Well you have me interested to know the answers. I wonder if any of these translate into Texan?

  15. Here are my thoughts- withOUT looking online or at comments:

    2: Will you bloody pick up the phone?!
    3. I shouldn't of shown my tits. (if I am wrong, sorry for being crude!)
    5. I am off for a stroll/
    6. Been to Brighton lately?
    7. You're all talk and no action.
    9. Are you deaf?
    10. (and I am probably wrong cause we use this here) Don't flip out!
    13. Cold

    (I was the one with the british boyfriend. sadly, it is was)

  16. Can't wait to read the answers!! I have no idea what these phrases mean.. :)

  17. As the "Yank" girlfriend of a "UK" guy, I've inadvertently made everyone laugh a LOT. Their favorite time is when I couldn't find my favorite pair of jeans and was running around saying "where are my pants?!?". Oh yes, that was a good time.

    My favorite comment of theirs? One of them once told my SO that "Your bird has got a mouth on her, doesn't she?" For some reason, that made me smile. :)

  18. Sounds real bad and dirty...probably all funny. Looking forward to seeing what they all mean

    RE: 7. Your just all mouth and no trousers.

    all talk and no action?

  19. Here are the ones I know or "know."

    2. Will you bloody pick up the dog and bone.
    Pick up the phone

    3. I shouldnt of shown my thru'penny bits...tits.

    4. What a big Khyber! (ass)

    6. Been on a Dirty Weekend lately?

    What it sounds like.

    8. Its all to cock! ...gone off the rails.

    9. Are you mutt and jeff?...deaf

    10. Dont go apeshit!...same thing it means here.

    11. Keep One's pecker up....stay strong.

    12. Kinnell!....Fucking hell!

  20. I can't remember what all of these mean, but you made me homesick for England. It's been way too long since I've been abroad, but I'm keeping my pecker up.


    Great List!

  21. Great post Claire; you're certainly educating your blogpals :o)

  22. I use number twelve a lot! Not out loud, though!

  23. Great list! I thought I was quite up to date on British slang, but apparently not so much.

    #2 should be Cockney rhyming slang for picking up the phone and #13 I learned from J.R.R. Tolkien means potatoes. But as to the rest I haven't got the foggiest idea. I'm curious to get to see the answers...

  24. Claire you are cruel to our friends over the pond! Naughty girl.

  25. Ok it is official, we got to get you to podunk for some learning.

  26. These are alllll guesses, i don't pretend to know anything about brit slang.

    my T13 is up as well. Happy Thursday

    1. "That girl is all fur coat and no knickers." - My guess is she's looks good but is trashy
    2. "Will you bloody pick up the dog and bone". pick up the phone? but i only got that from the comments.
    3. "I shouldnt of shown my thru'penny bits". no idea, but the tits thing sounds like it could be right.
    4. "What a big Khyber!" jerk?
    5. "I am off for a Tom." nap?
    6. "Been on a Dirty Weekend lately?" a weekend of drinking and hangovers?
    7. "Your just all mouth and no trousers." All talk and no action, like many Canadian men as well.
    8. "Its all to cock!" it's ruined
    9. "Are you mutt and jeff?" mute and deaf?
    10. "Dont go apeshit!" means don't go crazy in canada
    11. "Keep One's pecker up". Kinda like a stiff upper lip?
    12. "Kinnell!" Huzzah
    13. "Taters" like tater tots?

  27. I am loving this! I will be visiting the UK next year, (another damn Yank tourist) and now I will understand when the locals tell me to bloody well bugger off. More, please!

  28. I am going to us 'kinnel'. Now one at work would know what I was saying.

  29. We say "taters" here in Arkansas, US. It's a southern thing.

  30. Other meanings for Tom:

    Tom foolery = jewellery

    Tom and Dick = sick

    Tom is also a slang term for a hooker

  31. Thank you for posting the answers....