20 Sept 2007

Thursday Thirteen 25

Thirteen Things about Pirate Slang

Well you have had British Slang, now it is time for Pirate slang! As usual guess what it means and then i post the answers later on.

1.Shiver me timbers!
2.Poop deck.
4.No quarter!
7.Splice the mainbrace.
8. Dead men tell no tales.
9. Jack Ketch
11.Kiss the gunner's daughter
13.Davy Jones' locker.
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  1. arrr matey, don't know what the heck they mean... you little pirate.

    smiles, bee

  2. I think we need to share some grog together. Have a great TT. :)

  3. Don't know the answers, but I love Pirates! :)

  4. I guess I have to watch Pirates of the Caribbean again, and again! Not a punishment though... ;-)
    My TT shares 13 things about Mabon.

  5. I know what they all mean, but I think a lot of them are general sailors' slang rather than only prtates'.

    #7 was abolished as recently as 1970, and I think it was a great shame!

  6. Happy Speak Like a Pirate Day!! And have a great TT; hope things go well with your mom.

  7. I love this pirate stuff...

  8. My son was walking around arg-ing all afternoon! Fun. Makes me think of all the great pirate romances I've read...and seen in 1930's movies. ;-)

  9. 1. No WAY!
    2. no idea, at least not one I want to consider!
    3. drink
    4. no mercy
    5. confused
    6. shite
    7. make secure
    8. murder
    9. no idea
    10. home
    11. no idea
    12. really?
    13. hell

  10. Just in time for talk like a pirate day. Yarr!

  11. Ahoy Matey! :)
    Can't wait to see your answers.

    Happy TT.

  12. Perfect choice for me favorite holiday. Arr!

  13. I think I'll start using "Bilge!" as an expletive and "kiss the gunner's daughter!" as a response to insults.

  14. Can't wait to see the answers. Fun TT.

  15. Ooh - very topical for this week. I love pirates, big kid as I am. Hopefully, I've got a few of these right.

    1. "I'll be damned" or similar.

    2. An exposed deck on the stern of a ship.

    3. Rum and water, booze generally.

    4. Means that captives will be killed rather than jailed.

    5. Confused, bewildered, drunk.

    6. Rubbish, nonsense, useless.

    7. Pour a drink (I think).

    8. Dead men can't reveal secrets. So if a pirate says this to you - run!

    9. Death - I think it was the name of a hangman.

    10. A sailor's work song.

    11. To be flogged.

    12. Expression of surprise.

    13. The bottom of the sea.

    Thanks for a great, fun topic!

  16. Happy belated talk like a pirate day! Great TT.

  17. Happy belated speak like a pirate day. There is also "show your colours'. Good list.

  18. I only think I know a couple of these.

    8. I think this is another way of saying, "you're a dead man".

    13. The bottom of the sea.

    That's it for my pirate-speak knowledge.

    Happy TT!

  19. I have girl pirate socks...

    I'm just sayin'

  20. Arrr, me linkt t' yer from 13 PETA Poses, Excerpt: PETA is a detestable, wacko organization, but I love those who protest for PETA by going fur-less. Is there a better way to protest?

    Herewith, for your viewing pleasure are 13 images of protesters who have bared it all in their effort to convince you to stop wearing fur, eating meat or fish, and torturing animals.

  21. Sorry I missed the British slang one! I love stealing British slang words!

    It makes people think I am confused...

    great posts.

  22. Well I'll be. I guess I'm the type of person pirates rob or whatever they call it. I know nothing about pirate talk! That was fun though.

  23. Great 13! You missed my fav, though. "Argh". As in "Argh, come up to me cabin boy and Ah'll teach ye how ta roide tha waves"