26 Oct 2007

Feeling sorry for myself

I am still drowning in my own ear juice, coughing up phlegm babies and generally feeling like crap. I cheered myself up by looking after my college chums little fella, I make a mean sheet tent and rule at balloon rugby.
While I had fun doing that, I had to rush back here (computer central), write posts like mad before bogging off back to house of doom. Can you tell I am really fed up with house sitting?


  1. I can see how you might be feeling a bit like a Zombie with all of the ear juice and lack of internet. You really need to only house-sit for people who have working computers that allow you unlimited internet!

    Hope the ear juice dries up soon!!

  2. A zombie with ear juice. That works. That will scare everyone. It will get better. As soon as you are done house sitting you will feel much better. Hope you are feeling better soon. :)

  3. Aaaaack!

    Did you know that I dreamed that I was being chased by Zombies last night?! You bugger you were in my dreams weren't you?!?!

  4. Can't you come and house sit for me over xmas holidays???

    All you have to do is take care of Mattie and the cat. That's it. Oh, and stay outta my booze! :-)

    Did you get your b-day card yet? Or are they still on strike?

  5. How you can be miserable and still gorgeous is not fair. I hope your ear juice runs out soon...sounds like you've got a major infection but - you need me to tell you that?

  6. :)

    I too make a mean sheet tent (aka fort) and had to laugh at your ruling at "balloon rugby".

    I hope you feel better soon Claire!!!