30 Oct 2007

Google Buggers

I suppose i shouldn't be surprised that google punished me for having sponsored links on my blog, but don't they know i am a poor student! I would rather they just sent me an email saying your blog has been a bit crap lately so we are changing your rank from 4 to 2, than penalising me have having sponsored posts on here. Anyone that reads this blog knows which is the sponsored stuff and i have never encouraged anyone to click on something they shouldn't or wouldn't want to.

To be honest i don't really know much about page rank at all and was only aware of it because of paid posting, but now when i see crap blogs with a better pr than mine i am a wee bit annoyed. I also mean no offence to the google gods, but give a girl a break!


  1. Tell me about it! I've just been ranked with a 2 as well :-(

  2. Google are on crack!
    They are acting as if they own the internet (and they almost do..)
    (they were nice to me this time, though; but I have seen so many people with complaints similar to yours-just doesn't make sense, does it?)
    If Yahoo ever comes up with a decent ranking system, Google are in trouble!

  3. Blather!~
    You're a ten in my book!!!

  4. Would your text link ads be the PayU2Blog ones? Do they punish a person for those? I am very confused! But then again, what else is new?

  5. Which reminds me - zap me an e-mail sometime when you are available on messenger - I need to chat and rant with you a bit over BLogger, paid posts and some other questions I have.

  6. The whole ranking system makes no sense to me to me at all anyhow! They're all idiots, I tell ya!!!

  7. Me too! My dot com came through with a pathetic ONE, and the other dropped to a two!


  8. You're not alone Claire, don't worry about it.

    Screw Google ;-)

  9. Me too - and I was quite happy with my 3...
    Never mind, at least I get to whine here on your blog - I've promised not to on my own!!!
    I'm with Chris - screw Google!
    AND - unlike Kai, my dotcom didn't have a rank, so I've advanced from n/a to 0 there... (that was an attempt at an upside - they'll invent negative ranking next!)