7 Oct 2007

Green Thumb Sunday 5

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Thanks for all the well wishes for my mum, for those of you that don't know, she had to go back into hospital and is awaiting more surgery.
So i will delve into my hiking photo's once more :)


I wonder if you know whose ashes are scattered here in these very waters?

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  1. Best wishes and good luck to your mom.

  2. That is an amazing photo. So serene! Hope your mother is doing better. Have a good weekend.
    (So, who's ashes are there?)

  3. Best wishes to you Mum.

    I haven't been visiting much Claire because since you changed your site it has taken a couple of minutes to download. Nothing personal. I have you on my Google Reader so I don't miss you.

  4. Lovely photo Claire. Love the ripples on the water. I've no idea who's ashes were scattered here....don't leave it too long before you tell us. Happy GTS

  5. Beautiful lake shot. Hope you reveal the answer to the question. Happy GTS,

  6. the light is great on that photo, almost black and white

  7. A clue:

    Somebody famous for loving the Lake District, he was a miserable sod :)

    You will definitely get it now.

  8. Hi Claire,
    Sounds like your having a tough time. Great shot with the ripples. Is it Big Jim Mills!!!!

    Cheers Mark

    See you are on Zimbio, i will do the same.

  9. So sorry to hear you are going through all this with your mom. Really hope she feels better soon Claire.

    This photo is really beautiful. The reflections on the water are gorgeous.. :)

  10. Beautiful photo.
    I'm sorry your mom had to go back into the hospital.
    My thoughts are with you and your mom.

  11. Even though I'm feeling a bit tired -ok, dead -I don't think I'm in ashes form yet so that eliminates me being buried there. So when you gonna tell us -or is it a big bad secret?

  12. I hope Mum's doing better since you last wrote the picture, no idea who the miserable sod is though! ;)

  13. A friend of mines ashes are also scattered on waters, nowhere near there so it cant be him.