25 Oct 2007

Halloween Party on Saturday

For the third year now my sister Jemma is having a Halloween Party, its always on the Saturday before Halloween. This is also doubling up as a leaving do for her and the family, so it will be a good one.
Costumes and cocktails are essential ingredients at her party, if your not wearing one your not coming in. I will be wearing a blood stained lab coat yet again, not sure what to wear underneath, maybe nothing?I am also in charge of the cocktails once again, frog spunk anyone? Will post some recipes when i get a chance.
Here is a selection of photo's from last years bash, that is not me in that lab coat it twas a foul impostor! (Even on Halloween i don't quite look that scary).

My creation

The skeleton on the bog is Stella not actually a child who drank too much. The children where safely locked in a room away from drunken adults.

Hopefully there wont be as much mess to clean up this year as most things have been packed away for the move.


  1. Nicole (grandaughter 14 years old) is going to a party on the actual night...I said "But you'll have school the next day"...she said "Don't worry Nanny, me and my friends will support each other when we go to school with hangovers"...YIKES!!!!! I hope she was kidding!!!
    Is your Mum home yet?

  2. That skeleton on the crapper is friggin hilarious! Would make a great greeting card.

    Please visit my bloggie too!

    Visit my blog because it's about Who's Who on Ebay and about a sock monkey named Solicity and it's for a good cause, for a 2 yr old named Charly and her greater destiny.

  3. Great photos. I love the skeleton on the toilet - that's fantastic!

  4. Wow, looks like a lot of fun!

    Could you stop by my blog if you get a spare moment. Much appreciated.

  5. Great photos! :)

    Happy Halloween, sweets.

  6. The skeleton on the toilet is awesome, great photo's, looks like you will have a blast.

  7. It looks like a great time ahead. When did Halloween become a big thing in Britain?

  8. I prefer to drink, rather than wear, my cocktails. And I am always in costume... pretending to be a responsible adult... not that it fools many people....

    So can I come in?