30 Oct 2007


That picture above is the good leg of the cupboard monster, I restrained myself and have not posted the scars/open wound photo's (yet).
I don't have much news for you as the doctors cant agree on whether its broken or not and the physios wont touch the mother until they know for sure what is happening. The mother is still in a lot of pain and has mentioned wanting the leg amputated, which may seem extreme. I doubt they would do that anyway as she wouldn't be able to heal properly.

Although in pain she is still in good spirits as always, just a bit pissed off. The specialist should get around to see her at some point tomorrow so will know more then!


  1. Awww...sweet mommy. Tell her to hang on to that leg, surely they can fix it! :)

  2. Geez, louise! Don't the X-ray machines work? This lady has been through an awful lot. I'm happy to see she's still able to smile, but with you around pranking her, it would be hard not to!
    Hang in there, Mum of Claire!!!

  3. Well, your mother seems cheery enough (in the circumstances) in that last photo. So that's a good thing.

    Hope the docs get their act together soon.

  4. Ouch, your poor mum! Hope you get some better news soon!

  5. Gosh no wonder she's peed off! Hope they make some sort of decision soon.