2 Oct 2007

No idea..........

I have no idea what is up with this connection, it seems fine at the moment (just before i log off, bloody typical).
So if things are okay when i wake up, i have lots of homework to catch up on and of course the mother updates will continue.

Fingers crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed, shag a leprechaun anything for luck please :)


  1. hope it;d work for you. there are really times like that when things and circumstances doesn't conforme with your needs... most esp when you need them to.

    Hope evrything's better by now!
    :) hope the leprechaun would bring the luck!

  2. I've got all those things crossed over here my friend. :)

  3. Sorry to hear Mum's back in hospital and that your Internet's playing up again. Hope both will be on top form again soon. Keeping everything crossed for you

  4. Just catching up on the last several posts -- forgive me for leaving only one comment.

    Sorry to hear that your mother's recovery has been so complicated; hoping the best for her.

    But... don't shag a leprechaun! You might get clover-itis or something....

  5. Let us hope the shagging continues all night long so the little green guy won't have time to mess with your computer and you won't need his pot of gold to pay for repairs of any kind.

    Good wishes for the cupboard monster.