9 Oct 2007

Off to visit the cupboard monster

I am off to visit the cupboard monster (the mother) shortly, so when I return I will update you on her progress.


The mother is looking much better, but her doctor the infamous Mr Moobs (name changed) has bogged off on holiday and until she sees him there will be no date for the operation. There is talk of another orthopaedic surgeon taking over her case, but they don't want to touch such a complex case with a barge pole. So now it looks like the operation wont be till late next week at the earliest.
Although the mother is looking much better and actually eating, she is not getting much sleep as there is a howler on the ward. This unfortunate lady was on her way home from the hairdressers when she was struck down by some unknown ailment, leaving her lost and confused. I feel very sorry for the poor soul, but my sympathy is tested when in the early hours of the morning she is howling or trying to escape through non existent windows. The mother is use to these incidents as she is normally on a ward with someone with lets say 'challenging' behaviour. Like the lady who use to gas everyone by spraying a whole can of deodorant in one go or use the toilet next to my mums bed, unfortunately it wasn't a toilet it was just a chair.

I will update you when i know more, your well wishes make the cupboard monster happy, although she was disappointed about no donations, i will take photos of the scar to extract more sympathy!lol!


  1. hope you come back with good news

  2. is she behaving herself this time? hope all is well with the dear...

    smiles, bee

  3. Thanks for the update.
    I'm still sending good thoughts your way.

  4. I wish the cupboard monster all the best, and hope she is soon able to return to her cupboard in good health!

  5. Tell your Mum that unfortunately her daughter had the misfortune of becoming acquainted with a bunch of bloggers, who though are generally of a great lot, also tend to be a bit on the poor side, hence the inability to offer anything beyond prayers and good wishes for a return to good health. But rest assured, should I ever manage to hit the lottery, Claire will be handsomely remembered along with her Mum! Need Claire to be a tour guide for me to all the places she's been able to see thus far.

  6. You are a good daughter. I'm sure Mum tells you that, but you really are.

    But please don't post the scar...or at least warn me, k?

  7. Eeeh. Are you sure she's in the right ward?
    Sounds like she'd be better off in her cupboard.
    Just as well the other surgeon won't do it, Claire. Every operation I've seen done with barge poles have been failures. Stick to the guy with the scalpel.
    All the best to you all.

  8. Glad to hear she's looking better and has an appetite.

    Does she know that you call her 'The cupboard monster'? hehe

  9. Hm, perhaps those women should be on a different type ward. One that features lots of locks and padded walls perhaps. ;)

  10. I remember when Mick was in hospital he asked if I could bring him in some hard sweets; I was a bit worried as to why as I didn't want to risk him choing. He explained that they weren't to eat...they were to throw at the guy across the ward who not only snored incessantly but also yelled in his sleep. Glad your Mum's doing ok...she certainly is a patient patient!
    Love your collage above BTW

  11. choing is a cockney word for choking...LOL

  12. I think your mother's blog of her hospital experiences should be most entertaining -- as long as it is not near to any meal time.

    Perhaps you should encourage your mother as you have previously encouraged your sister to take up this nasty habit....