22 Oct 2007

A quick holler!

I thought i would do a quick Holler to let you know that i am still house sitting in an Internet free zone, so my time on the net is limited. I have some paid posts due in today so i cant post anything of much merit.
The younger sister is visiting, the cupboard monster should be out soon and there is older sister's Halloween party and departure to Germany to prepare for. Also first counselling assignment to do and household chores to fit in! Arghhhhhh!

I am going to be good and put pen to paper whilst at Internet free zone, that way i can post something a bit more interesting.


  1. I thought for a minute your new internet provider had let you down! ;)

  2. i'm coming to take a nice, relaxing soak in that tub! i have a stall shower in my bathroom and you couldn't pay me enough to use my kids bathtubs! I only dream of having a nice jacuzzi tub with some sort of mood lighting...or just lighting...or just a jacuzzi...or just a freaking bathtub!

  3. One more week and freedom. We have missed you. :)

  4. Amen to that! You've had so many responsibilties lately, what with your mom ill and all. You need a soaking in that marvelous tub!