8 Nov 2007

Back in her cupboard

Cupboard Monster

With all the excitement that Blog Blast for Peace created I forgot to say that the Cupboard Monster has been put back into her cupboard.
She came home on Tuesday and is very happy to be home, well I think she said that? Its hard to hear her through the cupboard door. She rattles her bowl to get my attention, I usually answer after a couple of hours.

Thanks for all your well wishes and just all round loveliness, It really helped me get through this.

Update: I forget that people may visit this blog and have no idea at all what I am talking about. Well I think most of you think that anyway. For those that don't know the Cupboard Monster is a term of endearment that I use to describe my dear old mum. She has been in and out of hospital a lot, the story so far is here The Mum!

She doesn't read this blog as I don't allow Internet access in the cupboard but she is aware of what I write and is generally bemused/befuddled by it.


  1. Glad to hear that Mum is home and back in her cupboard! Hope she continues to get well and doesn't give you too much grief!

  2. I hope your poor Mother has your sense of humour! If not she may be a tad offended buy this!


  3. Okay, so I suppose I need to read your archives to get this.

  4. Yay for Mum being home! But Claire? That is one scary ass monster. LOL

  5. Hope you mum doesn't read your blog. She might not think it that funny. I know you are taking good care of her...I just know it. I'm glad she is home. Have a great day Claire. :)

  6. Considering that you frequently bemuse and at times, probably befuddle many of us too, I can understand your Mum's feelings there. Glad to hear that she is back home though and hope things continue to move along rapidly and ok for her.

  7. So glad your mother's home -- but, judging from the picture, the hospital didn't do much for her....

  8. SO glad to hear that she is back in the cupboard! Yay!

  9. Thought I was in some kind of a alien show.. Hope your mum is doing well

  10. Great to hear your Mum is home. If she could read what you write about here you'd be in big trouble lady! :)

  11. I love Curmudgeon's comment. Good thing she wasn't in for plastic surgery, huh?
    Yikes...looks like it has hemmorhoids, too.
    So glad the mum is home!!!

  12. Claire, my friend, you are officially STRANGE!