20 Nov 2007

Counselling Time : An update

Just a quick post today to say I am surrounded by pieces of paper and I need to get this post done because of the NaBoPloMo thingy.

I have been a step behind in counselling homework because of everything that has been happening here at home from the cupboard monster to Jemma and the kids going to Hamburg. In class I can take everything in and really enjoy it, but once I am home its hard to settle back into it. Everyone in class has been great about it but I am in need of a kick up the arse once more.


  1. Consider this to be a virtual kick in the ass - get with it, woman! ;)

  2. I changed out of my nikes for this and put on my slippers...consider yourself kicked (nudged, really).

  3. Hey Claire! Get off you butt there and get cracking on the homework - and posting too! Hope you have a good day in Merry Olde England today while we have a big day of food, fun, family, fellowship and of course, lots of football too! Yeah! It's Thanksgiving Day! (And, I'm about cooked out!)

  4. Here's a kick up the bum! How's your Mum?