24 Nov 2007

No hiking again.

Due everything that has been going on around here, there is no hiking again this weekend.I am not sure when I will be able to the boots on again, as Christmas looms and the weather is getting worse as the days go on. I am taking my boots up to Scotland with me, but I wonder if they will even make it out of my bag.
This means I might have to join the gym, something that I don't particularly enjoy. Especially the dreaded treadmills, I just cant get the hang of the stupid thing. But needs must if I am going to fit into that bridesmaid dress come June.

Off to have meal and drinks with the sister tonight, so another to fight the flab! Hope everyone has a nice day.


  1. If I were into hiking, today looks to be something that would make for a good hiking day here - crisp, cold but not too cold and at least it is not raining or snowing either! Have a great weekend, Kid!

  2. Have a wonderful time in Scotland. If weather permits all of us who hike with you vicariously will enjoy the photos.

  3. Hiking, treadmills??? It all sounds like hard work to me.

    How was the meal last night?

  4. My favorite part of the gym is the treadmill. I love the feeling I get when I am done.

  5. i agree with you, the treadmills are out to kill those who use them. I have never figured out all those buttons. I just want to get on one and press one button and have it work.