28 Dec 2007

900 posts later....

Greetings from the rather wet and miserable Highlands of Scotland. My sister has gone back to work today, so I am meant to be using this time to catch up with some college work. Yes I am on holiday but I still heaved a big bag full of books and work with me. How much have I done? Well near enough BOG ALL. I have lived in my pyjamas and generally turned into a rather large vegetable that lives on the sofa.
So while I am festering on the sofa with a big pile of books and paper sat next to me, I thought I would blog a bit to clear my mind. You never know it might actually get me in the mood to pick up one of books, hey its worth a try.
I don't really know how it has happened, but I have written 900 posts and had nearly 30,000 visitors! Also on checking my stats on Feed Burner I have 77 fans! Woo hoo I am waving at you.
Well to say that I don't know how the blog came to this is a slight exaggeration. I turned on the computer and emptied out the grey goo from my noggin.
The money making side of this blog, although a small part, has soured for me. It was becoming to much like a chore and the whole google rank thing just gave me one big headache. I am not sure if I will give it up altogether or just take a break from it. At the moment I just cant be arsed with it.
While I am putting the brakes on the paid post thing, I have also been putting the brakes on blogging as a whole. So maybe now that I have decided to ease up on the paid stuff, I may start to enjoy blogging a bit more. I don't think I will ever get to the point of not wanting to blog anymore but I have definitely needed to ease up for a while.

Toodles for now, hopefully the weather is nicer tomorrow and I will venture outside to get some nice photographs.

I hope you all had a lovely Chrismas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. hey red! had my first comment from you in months today! thought you'd forgotten me!

    smiles, bee

  2. Bee got a comment from you? What's that??

    900 posts?? Holy crap, woman, that's a lot of posts! 30,000 visitors is nothing to sneeze at either (even though I think I'm capturing a cold and have done a lot of sneezing today!. I know what you mean about the paid posts, too. Just sort of lost the heart to do them even though the money was nice for awhile there.

    Looking forward to 900 more quality posts!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday while you can!

  3. Here's hoping your weather dries out long enough for you to enjoy the scenary. Would love to see photos.

  4. Still got a small comment window!!!

    A break will do you no harm at all, paid posts or otherwise.

    Take it easy Claire ;-)

  5. I'm having a veg day in my PJ's on the couch today too! I'm thinking of taking a nap. What do you think? :)

    I stopped doing paid posts a while ago and am having a better time blogging again. I hope it works for you too!

    Happy New Year Claire!

  6. Hi Claire!!! Jumping up and down and clapping for you!!! I love your blog and I love reading your posts. I've got a lot of blog catching up to do since I've been away from the blogosphere for almost two weeks - I hope you can understand why I'm only commenting on this post to let you know I'm back. I'll be visiting your blog regularly again now - Congrats again!

  7. I'm with you on the paid post wagon, girlfriend! I just do one when a decent one comes across...that's not very often lately. I still do the PayU2Blog (thanks for telling me about that one) since they're so easy to just stick in a regular post (most of the time), but otherwise I'm not making much either. :(

    I'll be glad to have you back to blogging, though. I miss ya.