9 Dec 2007

Boxing in the wee hours.

Today I am tired and maybe a little bit hungover, just a little bit (honest). Why is that then? Well last night I went to a leaving party for one of my friends brothers, he is off to China with his daughter for three years. So that's another travel destination for me to add to my list, I think its Shanghai they are moving too but the alcohol has clouded my mind.
Drinks and food a plenty led to it being a nice party, then I discovered some of the party goers where staying up to watch the Hatton v Mayweather boxing match at 4am. By this time it was already two, so I thought what the heck.
I am not the biggest boxing fan in the world, in fact I have only ever glanced at the screen when its on. The fight had been hyped up to the max over here, all over the media, so I was caught up with the excitement of it all by the time it started.
Whilst watching the match my overriding feelings where 'how is this fun they are beating the shit out of each other' and 'those shorts are funny', also did anyone else notice the stupid looking blonde lady with the mad glasses? I must admit at one point I did shout 'JUST KILL HIM', I think that was the alcohol again.
The result was Hatton lost and I stayed up till half six in the morning for that pleasure.What did I learn from all of this? That I don't really like boxing.


  1. At least stick-figure Red had a nice widescreen stick-figure TV to watch it on...


    Join da Club!

    I would have loved to have seen that Boxing Match - Hatton looks like a Tough Customer!

    I did watch some UFC on Spike which is beyond Brutal*

    Ya gotta Love Modern Gladiators trying to basically Kill each other - No doubt Spurred on by the Crowds!!


    Is Frank Bruno still Boxing?

    I know our Canadian Lad Lennox Lewis left us for yer Greener Pastures*

  3. Do I have your attention? I'm going to say this really, really loudly. HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY CLAIRE? DO YOU HAVE A HEADACHE? WANT ANOTHER DRINK? Great to see you over at my place. I've missed you. Have a great day and get well. :)

  4. Boxing has always been a complete mystery to me. Just the knowledge of what is happening to the brains inside those heads everytime a blow lands is enough to keep it off my pleasure list.

  5. I'm with you - I've never liked boxing... at all. As far as the hangover thing... no comment ;-)

  6. I love the stick figures!


  7. We Yanks (tanks?) wanted Hutton to win, too. Mayweather has quite an attitude problem~~~
    I used to love to watch boxing