18 Dec 2007

The Highlands are calling.

Well folks tomorrow morning I will be heading to the Highlands of Scotland to stay with my younger sister Heather. Stop! Don't Panic! she has the internet and I will be confiscating her laptop and using it myself for the duration of my trip.
I am leaving my house about 8am, then its only a quick change in Edinburgh before arriving into Inverness about 17:30, then another hour on top of that to finally arrive at Heathers house. I think I am going to be grumpy and knackered!
I have a suitcase that would quite easily fit two dismembered corpses, I tested it out to prove my theory. Why carry such a beast? Well the folks instead of posting heather her gifts are using me as a human pack horse,l I think some of the gifts are for me too. Well they better had be.


  1. Ooh, you're going my way! You can pop in for a wee dram if you like!

    Mmmm, presents...keep us posted and have a lovely Christmas.

  2. Have a safe trip and great Holiday - and here's hoping you're also toting some presents for yourself in those bags too!

  3. Minus 17 up here this weekend!