4 Dec 2007

Red beaver pie

Well I suppose I have asked for some of the weird/pervert searches I get to this here blog. I have be known to titillate folks with risque titles, such as these select few.

1.Blow Job.
2.Thong Panties.
3.Panties part two.
4. A few posts on all things Beaver.

All harmless fun I assure you and they received a fair few comments. It makes me wonder why nice folk like to comment on the rude stuff? There is a wickedly funny side to most people I have found.
Anyway so far one of the funniest searches I have had is 'naked hiking'. I like hiking but not in the nude. Sorry if that upsets anyone out there in cyber world, its just too cold over here and when it is hot I have fair skin so would burn easily. Don't get me started on midge bites, midges not midgets, horrible biting insects.

The weirdest search by far is ' Red beaver pie', I wonder what they expected to find? This wee fella?


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  2. Red Beaver Pie huh? What the heck did you have on your blog that a search for that would get someone to your blog anyway? Don't ya really just love some of the stuff people are searching for though?

  3. You totally need to change the name of your blog from "A Little Piece Of Me" to "Red Beaver Pie"
    (and NO, I know they're NOT the same thing!!!!!)
    By the way - your beaver illustration here: your best looney toon yet!

  4. Very amusing