15 Dec 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt - Small

me through the ages

This week in the theme is small, hmmmmm where shall I go with this?

Hey I am all grown up now, but I use to be small. To prove this, I have rummaged out my high school leavers book.
This is a scrap book version of one, where you stick some photos in of yourself and then your classmates write wonderful things about you, or not in some cases. There are more disturbing photos in this book that I will leave for another time.


  1. I enjoyed your scrapbook page of you when you were small. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. How fun to forever have your classmates' comments. I bet it brings back a lot of memories from high school - which could be good or bad...:-)
    My interpretation of small is at

  3. That's so cool to have a scrapbook! What wonderful memories!
    The Rocky Mountain Retreat

  4. I bet that's fun to look back on.

  5. As you get even older, you will appreciate this scrapbook even more! It is great that you put it together! My hunt photo is up please come and visit

  6. I was small once too...about a zillion years ago! LOL

  7. What a fun book! Great choice for the theme! :)

    My Photo Hunt is up too! :)

  8. What a cute little kid you were! What happened? Just teasing you Claire as you are a very pretty young woman -revel in that!

  9. That is a great lay out! I love it.
    I love the "give me chocolate" one. Too cute!!!

    Happy Saturday.

    Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom

  10. I want to ride my tricycle!

    you little cracka!

  11. Nice!
    I have my old yearbooks around here somewhere too!
    My photo hunts include a puppy and a phallic cheeto.

  12. cool take on the theme!