24 Dec 2007

Tis the day before Christmas.

Tis the day before Christmas and I slept in really late, had a shower and have left my hair to go crazy wild. This would be good if I wasn't going out, but now we might be going the pub! So the hair will be have to sorted and hours later I will be ready.

As well as the hair dilemma, there is also the turkey dilemma. If we are at the pub tonight what time will I be up tomorrow and will I be in a fit state to cook a turkey? Heather the sister is a vego and John her boyf is not a cook,so I am in charge of the turkey. Well you couldn't leave it to the vegetarian now could you.

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  1. My b/f is a vegan. She's coming to visit tomorrow. We're a house full of meat eaters. I dunno what we're going to feed her! :(

    Merry Christmas, Claire.