12 Dec 2007

Who needs a tongue?

As I have said in my previous posts about the mum, laughter really is the best medicine for her and the rest of us. The 'Who needs two legs' post is getting a whole bundle of hits from stumble. I am glad somebody is getting a laugh, that was the point after all! I wonder what they expected before they got to the post? Surely not me talking about the mum getting a leg lopped off?

Any how I have a new joke category to add to series of unfortunate events, can you guess from the post title? Yes the mum may now have an issue with her tongue! She went for a check up at the dental hospital. Instead of something simple it had to be serious. The dentist decided he didn't like the look of an abscess that had been on the underneath of the tongue for a while, so he sliced open the tongue and took a slice for a biopsy. So now it is being checked for pre cancerous cells, Happy Christmas to me. I have no idea what the outcome of that will be, but here is hoping for the best.

The funny side of my mind begins to think of other things. Like how can your possibly attempt an already difficult Tongue Twister without a tongue? Here is a selection of my favourite ones:

Betty Botter bought a bit of butter.
The butter Betty Botter bought was a bit bitter
And made her batter bitter.
But a bit of better butter
Makes batter better.
So Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter,
Making Betty Botter's bitter batter better.

I'm a sheet slitter
I slit sheets
If sheets need slitting,
Sheets I slit.

I am a mother pheasant plucker.
I pluck mother pheasants.
I am the most pleasant mother pheasant plucker,
to ever pluck a mother pheasant.


  1. Oh, Claire. Neither of you needed this...
    They have to check, you know. That doesn't mean it's anything more than an abcess. Think of all the fun hospital bugs she's been subjected to. I hope her tongue grows back in time for the turkey.
    Thinking of you and your Mum, and hoping for the best.

  2. Wow.

    Anything concerning damage to the tongue is a bit scary...the tongue does a lot more than we think it does.

    Good luck to Mum and her tongue...she's in my prayers.

    Found you through "The Good Blogs", and I'll be back again!

  3. thought #1: you really are twisted & sick, I love you for that!

    thought #2: do they make bionic tongues?

    thought #3: I stumbled upon this post

    thought #4: sorry that betty's bitter butter made her batter bitter but better butter to the rescue! (I can't believe it's not I can't believe it's not butter!)

  4. Bloody Hell Claire, your poor Mum (and you), what else can go wrong? x

  5. Holy Rip, Kid! First the leg, now the tongue -what's next?
    And, where the heck did you get those tongue twisters anyway?

  6. I hope that everything turns out okay with your mum. Thanks for the tongue twisters I needed a chuckle.

  7. Leave it to you to be able to see the humorous side of a situation that is probably far from funny. I admire your sense of fun and I'm sure that your method is so much better than all of the doom and gloom that it could be.

    Thinking best thoughts of your mum while wondering what on earth it is that a sheet slitter actually does because who really needs their sheets slit?

  8. Gotta admire your sense of humor. Hopefully it's nothing serious though.

  9. This is a conglomerate comment for the entire front page, because I just got caught up a bit.

    The comment isn't nearly as long as this prologue.

    The comment?


  10. I love you, Claire! Seriously, you crack me up girlfriend.

    Your mom will surely be bionic by the time these doctors finish with her won't they!?

    I'm sending good thoughts to you and your mom...still.

    Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom

  11. Oh Claire, you really have not had a very good year, have you, and now this! Thoughts and prayers with you, and of course with your mum. I know these things are tough enough to face without having them turn up around the holidays. Keep us posted.


  12. Claire - I tagged you tonight for the Seven Random things meme - have fun with it!

  13. I hope that your Mum gets good news, I have everything crossed for her!

    Btw, one of my favourites has always been the pheasant plucker!

  14. Hey my trusted bloggies I will be sure to keep you updated on the mum status.

    Thanks as always for your concern and erm appreciation of my humour :)