6 Dec 2007

Who needs two legs?

What do you call a one legged lady?

I have not done a cupboard monster (mum) update for a fair while, so I thought I would bring you up to speed with the latest info.
It looks like the leg is not going to get any better, in fact it is going to get worse if left in its current condition. The main problems with it, is the tissue damage and continual breaks. So the plan is to remove all the work they have done so far, the donor femur (off dead person), bone putty, wiring and pins. Then they will be left with a wibbly wobbly empty shell above the knee, here they will insert an internal prosthesis. The mum will become a bionic lady and although wont be running any marathons, should at least be able to get a bit of mobility back.
I am as always using humour to cover up the serious nature of this operation, if it goes ahead. Even though the mum is only 47 she is a very high risk surgical candidate and there is a quite high possibility that she might lose the leg or worse. If she can be up beat and positive about all this, then so will I.
The final decision will be made on Friday morning about operation lop off.

Where does the one legged waitress work?
The Ihop


  1. Claire, I am amazed at YOUR continued upbeat, positive attitude with your mum's situation.
    My heart goes out to you, and my prayers to your family, esp "Eileen"
    You crack me up.


  2. I have to admire your upbeat nature about this. I certainly hope all turns out well though.

  3. Oh, Claire. I'm thinking about you. Best of luck with that. I'm so proud of you and your Mum for trying to keep a positive attitude. I'd be a basket case.

    I Hop...OMG!

    This Eclectic Life
    I hate the new Blogger feature that makes me have to type all this code! It's inhospitable.

  4. red you are a sick little banger honey! but you do crack me up! give the monster a hug from be please!

    smiles, bee

  5. So sorry that your mum, you and family are going through this. It is fortunate that you live on that side of the Atlantic. If you lived in the US you would have to be paying for the operation for the rest of everyones natural lives and here in Canada you would probably have to wait years to get the operation. It is something to be thankful for at least. My good wishes to your Mum

  6. Actually, Claire, the way you-and your Mum-are dealing with this situation, serious as it is, with lots of humor lends itself to a better healing process then overall -or a little bit easier one maybe. If you were all glum and tense, worry-wart status, you would be using up valuable energies needed for better healing. Keep up with the spirt, Kid and here's hoping/praying all goes for the best with your Mum too!

  7. Thanks guys I really appreciate your words :)

    It would either be positive or be miserable.

    I am very flippant at times, but if the mum can handle having body parts hacked off left, right and centre then I am here to put a smile on her face.

  8. Flippant is good - that's the way my parents always related to stuff.
    If humor can't handle it, nothing can.
    Please tell you mum I'm keeping her in my prayers...and you, too!

  9. All the best to her, Claire.

  10. Sending you and your mom positive thought... A sense of humor is the best thing you can have in these kinds of situations. Fortunately you've never been in lack of that! Here's hoping for good news soon.