15 Jan 2008

Enter me...

Whilst I am catching up on my assignments and library books that were meant to be returned weeks ago, i thought you would like to know about my new widget. Widget not midget and yes I am doing some studying, maybe not as much as I should be though (irc).
Anyway back to the widget, its a free blog advert thing called Entrecard. You should see my widget on the left side bar under the title of 'Blog Of The Day'. Fellow entrecard users pay you credits to display their advert for a day. The more popular your blog is on entrecard, the more credits they pay you. You can earn yourself more credits by visiting and clicking fellow entrecard widget users, which is like dropping a business card. If you see something comment worthy then leave them a comment, if you don't then don't leave a comment. This is all free by the way and rather addictive. You can do as much or as little as you want with this site, its up to you. The widget is only small and doesn't affect loading time.

So check it out and then visit my widget :)

Also Hello to Entrecard users that already dropped one on me, by that I mean their entrcards :)


  1. Nudist blogging FTW!

  2. Nekkid with no clothes on? You are an exhibitionist. Where do you find all this cool stuff. How do you find time to find it? Counsel me on time management, would you?

  3. I've been thinking of checking that out. I will pop over right now.

  4. Just an Entrecard user saying hi.

  5. Hmmmmm...will think on this and set it up.
    p.s. Nekkid blogging? It's too cold for that!

  6. Just so you know, I have a policy of never, ever, ever clicking on ads or widgets or whathavyou on people's blogs. Ever.

    I just clicked yours though! :p

  7. I am NOT Claire no. 2!! ;)

    I've already dropped (my card) as usual.

    I love your nekkid stick Claire cartoon. I want one :D And you get back to studying. Now. Or maybe later. After you've dropped your card on my blog.

  8. And to think in a few hours you'll be in my blog all day. You're next in line anyway, hopefully you'll see some traffic, ;)

  9. Hey Guys! If any was has any entrecard questions feel free to email me. I think you should all join!!!!!

    I felt you clicking on me Chelle :)

    Claire 2, I will do you a doodle if you like?

    Mikester I cant wait :)

  10. Hey Claire, will you do a cartoon of me outside the castle? I can decorate my blog with it :-)

  11. I've been wondering about entrecard - thanks for doing this post. I'll have to check it out... although, I don't know if I can handle another addiction ;-)

  12. Very impressive use of stick figure artwork to demonstrate the use of Entrecard.

  13. Alison of course I will :)

    Misty you should try it, its not that addictive especially if you get your blog favourites involved.

    Why thank you Ian (smooch)

  14. Aw thanks pet. I'll let you be Claire 1 on your own blog but on my territory you're number twooooo ;)