8 Jan 2008

A note to Norway

Hilsener from Norway!
I am not actually in Norway just in case I confuse you. A wee while ago I won a prize from the lovely Stine, she is the Norwegian. I just went a bit eurovision song contest, they love that show over there.
As you can see in the photo above it is a lovely spoon. Its a teeny little salt spoon to be precise, with a traditional Norwegian pattern called Tele. The Tele part is because it is from the Telemark region of Norway. I now need to find an appropriate little dish to put it in, otherwise I may get cursed or something.

I have prepared a few words of thanks in Norwegian, hopefully I have not insulted you or your mother or your mother's brother:

Takk skal du ha til deres henrivende presangen , JEG elske den. Kanskje magic aldri spise du eller din slekt.

Mother's Got A Dot Com

But If I were to insult you I would use this joke :)
If a Norwegian with one arm is hanging by his arm from a tree branch, how do you get him out of the tree? Wave to him.

Stine is not the only Norwegian I have met in the blogworld there is also Jungl aka Thomas who has a go at taking the odd photo to support his knitting obsession. But can he knit anything like these socks that I got for christmas?
His knitting blog can be found here Musings from a male knitter and his mediocre photoblog here Photo's from Northern Norway.

Just in case you think I really meant Thomas's photos are mediocre, they are in fact fantastic and he is the best Norwegian ever! Go and see :)

Magic was not meant to eat Stine's family, it was meant to say TROLL!

I got many pairs of socks for Christmas, I love SOCKS! :)


  1. Thanks, and you're very welcome.
    You're such a language whiz, Claire...
    (What is a magic, btw, and why would it want to eat me or my family??? Bwwwwahahaha)

    Glad you liked it - I'm sure it'll come in handy when you shack up with that lovely Mountie Kai found for you a while back... (Unless something has come up during the holidays...)

  2. PS. If a Swede with two arms is hanging from a tree branch by his arms, how do you get him out of the tree? Throw a ball at him.

    Great socks! I've seen Thomas' photos, and they're magnificent. I didn't know he knits too - must go and investigate...

  3. Lol, best Norwegian ever :D

    Awesome sock! Hard to beat.

  4. You got socks? How cool is that?

  5. Its was meant to be may Trolls never eat you or your family!

    What is Norwegian for Troll, is just erm troll?

    Okay thomas best Norwegian ever! :)

    Mikester a got a whole load of socks :)

  6. I want one of those spoons! Oh and some of those socks, they're cool!

    Oh, and off topic, have you changed your background colour??

  7. A Troll is a Troll - Norwegian word, you see, Trolls don't get any worse than they do over here...