10 Jan 2008

Return of the Tongue

For those of you that wont have a clue what I am talking about, read the first part of this thrilling drama here in Who needs a tongue.
There is also a cartoon depicting the surgical process for that don't like to read.
(But if you cant be arsed, basically the mum may have cancer in her tongue)

Incidentally that post was quite a big hit on Stumble! Thanks for that :)

Anyhow back to point of this post. Well after a visit to the lovely dentist doctor today , he has declared the tongue cancer free, whoop whoop!

Is anything ever that simple for my mum? Of course not! Its not simply your tongue is fine, its just a manky abscess. It has to be, my that's a strange thing lets take some more blood and discover what is behind this Auto Immune phenomena! Maybe its a weird unheard of bacteria or fungi. I think you could get an episode of house out of my mums tongue.

So the tongue drama continues for now, but thankfully she will still be able to do tongue twisters!

Silly Simon's sitting in a shoe shine shop.
Where he sits he shines, and where he shines he sits.


  1. Holy Hannah-your poor Mum. I think because she got you a "fake" sex toy that you should get her a mechanical tongue.

    Use your imagination.

  2. yeah, what mags said. show us the fake sex toy some more red! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  3. Lol at the comments above! What the hell? hehe

    This is great news Claire!! :D

  4. Ignore all fake sex toy comments they are crazy!

    Or watch the video a few posts below to be disturbed :)

    Thanks for the well wishes, well I thinks thats what they were? lol!


  5. Hah, love the graphic. Glad shes ok though! No better bill, than a clean bill of health...

  6. Well, glad that mum isn't going to need a bionic tongue any time soon....

    hmmm.... a bionic tongue....

  7. I never heard of tongue cancer, but I have heard of mouth cancer. Thank God she's ok!

  8. Whew -- that's a relief (the 'no cancer' part). Still a problem to be solved, though nothing like your worst thoughts!

  9. Boy - tell your Mum to quit trying to acquire every single illness, etc., known to mankind! Really glad to hear the tongue issue is not malignant though and hope she heals up right quickly too!
    I don't think you'll ever need to worry about something affecting your tongue there though Claire as it's already cheeky and saucy enough, don't 'cha think? Keep writing, kid - just keep writing. Love it!

  10. Glad to hear it's not cancer but if you manage to get Hugh Laurie and the rest of the cast of "House" over there to do a show on all of your mum's mystery diseases let me know! I'll hop on a plane and be right over to watch them film!

  11. Holy Crap! Does your poor mum wear a sign around her neck stating, "Please Mis-diagnose Me!"
    Cancel her subscriptions to all medical journals.
    Glad this one was negative. Whew!

  12. I am so glad everything is okay with your mum, Claire.

  13. Good to hear it's not cancer but your poor mum is going through the mill!

  14. Thank goodness it's not cancer!!

    My, you've been getting better at the drawings since I've been away! :-)