29 Jan 2008

Today I shall be probed.

I am off to be poked, prodded and probed by the doctor today, to hopefully solve the Sinus epidemic that i have had for a year!

I will update this post when I get back.

Before you read the update, thanks for everyone that wished me well.

Update: I was nasally probed, nasally not any other ***ally! :)
I don't know whether to be pissed off, angry, depressed or just disappointed. The doctor numbed the nostrils and had a good old probe. What did she discover? No, I repeat No sinus juice, but I do have a bent over septum. She then moved onto the ears, no sinus juice there either! But one is slightly scarred from the infections.
So there is at the moment no sign of sinusitis but that happens if you have it Chronically, so an xray of the sinus area is needed to see if there is any blockages. Now I have to wait for an xray appointment, then wait FOUR FECKING months to see the specialist.

I guess I will go with pissed off!!!


  1. Hope they get to the bottom of your problems.

  2. Hope you didn't blow sinus juice all over the poor doctor!

    So what's up with your diagnosis? Inquiring minds wanna know!

  3. You and the doctor have matching shoes, how cute!

  4. Thought you were abuducted by aliens or something.

  5. I'm sure you'll have a marvellous time...ew with the cartoon btw.

  6. I hope the doc can help you get over this and feel better!

  7. i like being poked but... not in the way that you're referring to! ;)
    oops...sorry!!! yes...i did say fuck on my mommy/mummy i going to get in trouble? probably just more perverts will find me when they google!!!
    feel better, honey!!

  8. good luck with the probing! :)

  9. is that the doctor's head on the chain?

  10. That's awful! I hope they find the solution with that. I share your sinus misery....