26 Feb 2008

A message from Connor

Connor my nephew knows about my blog as my sister Jemma reads it over in Germany to keep in touch with what I am up to (its Willy she is interested in really,perv).
So on his visit this weekend he demanded to be filmed and put on the pooter, with a special message to you all. I have no clue what he is on about really, he looks damn cute though.


  1. You're right - he's cute as can be :-) He did a very profound speech there!

  2. I know my nephew would love to be on a blog - but his mum isn't so keen - such a pity. I imagine your nephew will be so proud to see himself on your blog when he views it again back in Germany.

  3. I want some of what he'd been having ;) You're right he is damn cute too. Btw, how do you make your video clips, with the text, adding music etc?

  4. Hey that was a big speech for Connor :)

    I am lucky Jemma lets me post pictures of them on here, not everyone is so keen about that.

    Thomas find a nice girl :)

    Heh Alison heard of Windows Movie maker?

    I may do a post about it :)

  5. So Willy is known in Germany? This is highly dangerous. I saw how popular ALF became over there. Willy is destined for popularity of outlandish proportions.

  6. I understood Mommy,Daddy and goodby. what a cutie

  7. It's Norwegian! And with such a cute Limey accent, too!