23 Feb 2008

What was willy reading?

When he isnt hiking, drinking, over medicating, wrestling with snakes and other such mischief. There is nothing Willy likes more than a good read, but what is his book of choice?
The offended/offensive blogger put it too her readers and this is what they came up with in this post What was Willy reading?
Then the offended/offensive one and I whittled it down to these three beauties, well i bullied her into picking my favourite ones. She knows not to provoke me. So meet The finalists in this post.
Voting then started and finally the winner was discovered, click the Willy doodle to find out more.


  1. I hope you didn't bully her too much, but I appreciate the extra muscle just the same.

  2. Priceless! I'm sure you guys had a ton of fun with this.

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  3. Boy its been a while since I've been by, and I feel horrible for it.. :(

    Seems as though I've been missing some fun here on the site! Ha.. Too funny..

    Thank you Claire for continuing to stop by and show your support, and to do so with me not being very active at all lately on your site. Things are going surprisingly well, and I wanted to simply stop by to thank you.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you...

  4. How narcissistic is it to broadcast your birthday on Blogcatalog? lol

  5. see? This is what happens when you try to join in on the fun after it has already started.....why is it this post keeps making me wanna sing "...wouldn't you like to be a pecker too... Dr. Pecker...."