31 Mar 2008

Cant be arsed writing

Yes I have turned into a lazy just throw up a picture blogger, MEH!
More photos from this hike here 


  1. I guess you have to climb a mountain to write some days :-)

  2. I love your twin peeks :-)

    And your great blog!

    So much ... that I'll be back!

    Er, sorry ...

  3. And here I've been slaving away for you.

  4. Great picture! If this is lazy, so be it.

  5. Wow. If only my room had a view like that. Nice picture you took!

  6. As long as you put up a good picture...thanks for the view!

  7. "can't be arsed"
    But you have such a loverly arse!

  8. It is a great shot. I am really intrigued by this Devil's Kitchen. There are several sites that talk about the area, but your photos do more to set the atmosphere of the place. If, (a BIG if), I am ever fortunate enough to get to that part of the world.

    And thanks, Claire, for the dig on my post from last night. I appreciate you taking the time to read my rant. That is an issue that is difficult to see obvious solutions to, but one that I feel is often overlooked when we buy our groceries.

  9. Hey now, I love your photos, so be more arsed not to write anything more often! :p

  10. I'm with Chica. No need to apologize for this post, Claire. That photo really looks like the name Devil's Kitchen. Well done.

  11. Hey it's okay...I stole the pic. for my desktop background. I hope thats okay.

  12. Curse you all for commenting! I am trying to be lazy!

    @anthonynorth your right I did have to climb a mountain for this post, I like the way you think :)

    @rob hopcott, are you comparing my mountains to boobs? shame on you!

    @.45 you werent wearing your outfit though :(

    @silverneurotic why thank you :)

    @saxyphone I wish I had a view like that out of my window also, but alas no, just a stupid tree.

    @this eclectic life, you commented! bugger me!

    @Mo, cheeky :)

    @Will I think thats the best compliment ever and I shall be your tour guide if you come over. It was a great article by the way and well worth a digg.

    @Chica, are you saying my other posts are shit? probably right :)

    @BOOBIE! :)

    @trukindog, of course you can steal it. Let me guess, its because they are boob like? right?



  13. Which one's that? Poolboy?

  14. @.45 with the super tight speedos :)

  15. Well I hope this doesn't disapoint you sweets but it's because of the awesome natural beauty...1st then cause they make me think of boobies. Oh and thank you.

  16. @trukindog that's lovely of you to say :)

  17. My God thats beautiful! You capture that shot just right (((applause))) AWESOME!! :D

  18. @roger, Wow! what a lovely comment, that means a lot coming from such an avid snapper as yourself :)